They’re Calling on You – Zoos Victoria

Protect gorillas on the brink of extinction – donate your old mobile phone today!

Zoos Victoria is committed to helping Australians become smarter phone users. Mobile phones donated to ‘They’re Calling on You’ raises much needed funds for primate conservation and reduces the demand for conflict minerals, such as coltan.

Zoos Victoria is working with conservation partners, Gorilla Doctors, who are protecting gorillas in the wild by securing their numbers through medical care, saving a species one patent at a time. Funds generated through the refurbishment and resale of old mobile phones through our recycling partners, PhoneCycle, support both Gorilla Doctors work in Africa and our own conservation programs.

In the office, there is a green box – place your old mobile phones, chargers and accessories in this box so they can be recycled! Let’s make a difference!


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